Activities to spice up your camping trip in extreme weather

The Canadian Camping week sets the beginning of the official camping season. Organized by the Camping Association of Canada, it features special promotions and events. You can get great offers during the week like discounted camping rates, bonfires, free camping firewood, and free canoeing offers. The camping week, therefore, offers a good opportunity for getting away from the noise of the world and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere in the wild.

However, at times, the weather may be harsh so that you may be unable to go hiking, canoeing, or engage in other outdoor activities. In such cases, you don’t have to make your camping trip boring. There are several activities you can enjoy from the comfort of your camping tent. These are:

Charades and Celebrity

This is a simple game. You write down some clues on a piece of water and players need to act them out. Your teammates should guess the clues without a word. Celebrity is a variation of charades where the clues are usually a famous person.

Scavenger hunt

If you are camping with kids, you can challenge them to spot different trees, animals, plants, and leaves. You can also give kids some paper bags, and use their findings to make an art project. You can even enjoy the scavenging game by playing slots with the theme on Fresh Casino.

Late-night cards

You can add fun to your camping trip is by playing card games on Fresh Casino. Some of the most exciting card games on Fresh Casino are Blackjack, Poker Baccarat, and Craps. Not only are they easy to play and entertaining but provide a chance to win great prizes. If you are bored and need someone to interact with, you can even play live games on Fresh Casino where you can interact with a live dealer.

Sit by the fireside

A campfire is something to look forward to when camping. It offers a welcoming atmosphere on a cold evening. If you are in the company of others, this is a good time to share experiences while listening to the fire popping. You can also enjoy card games or slots on Fresh Casino as you while the night away around the campfire.


Cooking is one of the important chores during your camping trip. Since you now have the fire, you can take the time to roast some marshmallows or your favorite food. There are lots of camping site recipes that you can try out. By cooking during your camping trip, you can add some anticipation and excitement to the day. To make it even more fun, you can enjoy a food-themed slot on Fresh Casino as you wait for your meal to get ready. You can win great prices adding to your entertaining camping experience.

Just Relax

There is no better time to relax than during your camping trip. You can sit down and read a book. Nothing beats just sitting and listening to the nature around you as you enjoy the peacefulness. This will help you break away from the stress of everyday life and to enjoy the calmness in the wild. If you would like to spice up your relaxation, you can set the autoplay function on the Fresh Casino wheel, and let the machine wager for you. This feature can come in handy when you don’t want to keep on pressing the play button again and again as relax around the fireplace. Simply set up the bets and wait until it hits a win.


Camping is usually an entertaining activity in good weather. But in extreme weather conditions, you may find it hard to find an entertaining activity to engage in. Fortunately, the above activities can offer you unlimited fun from the comfort of your tent. You can also win great prizes at Fresh Casino.

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For information on how to register a campground’s participation in the inaugural Canadian Camping Week, please download and complete the Canadian Camping Week Campground Registration Form.