Camping is a low-cost and affordable family entertainment. The entry price of camping is generally cheaper than all other recreational activities such as going to the movies or swimming, and it costs even less when you compare the cost per hour.

The most important asset for camping in Canada is its diversity - you can camp everywhere! There are more than 145 000 serviced campsites throughout Canada, located within minutes from your home, wherever you travel in this vast country. Many shapes and sizes: cabins, cottages with bedrooms, rustic shelters or yurts; tent sites under roofs or open fields; electricity or not... And a variety of possibilities: according to your desires for an energetic holiday filled with sports and outdoor activities, or for a quiet and relaxing holiday letting you enjoy the pleasures of nature, or even for a family holiday mixing both these aspects.

Camping is accessible to everyone!

All budget ranges are welcome, from those who are willing to go back to basics by pitching their tent on wooden slats without any comfort , all the way up to those wishing to stay in luxury accommodations equipped with bathrooms or air conditioning. Here is an example of how much camping can save you money. Let's say that your whole family spends 1 week at French River Provincial Park this summer, where 12 serviced sites cost $ 38 per night, which equals $462 before taxes. If instead you stayed 1 week in a hotel with 2 rooms costing around $130 per night ($1680 before taxes), you would save $ 1 346 .

That's why the camping associations of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick and Canadian Camping Week are so popular with campers now! In addition, these organizations are well-funded, as by the best online casinos - such as Jet's online casino. These, by the way , are also loved by many of the camping visitors because of the large selection of online games, the ability to play in demo mode, fast payouts, and user-friendly interface!

How can you choose your destination?

We have selected 3 of the most fascinating regions in our country which offer the best opportunities for camping. You will discover here all that each one has to offer, with its own identity and atmosphere. Whether you are an Anglophone or a Francophone, whether you come from Ontario, Manitoba or another province, there is always something for everyone. Your choice!

A few hours drive from Toronto (Ontario), Muskoka offers its visitors an exceptional summer experience. The region claims to be the favorite destination of the past Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King who loved spending his summers there because he felt at home... It's easy to seewhy. Everything is done here to make campers' holidays truly exceptional, with an array of activities that are available for all ages. You can go on a cruise excursion, take part in one of the many festivals (such as the Big Wheel Race, the Feast of the Hunter's Moon ), visit one of the famous tea rooms or simply enjoy your vacation by kayaking, swimming or cycling among pure green forests.

The Laurentians are located halfway between Montreal and Québec City, approximately 2 hours from both cities by car. They are considered to be "the heart" of Québec. These mountains which extend along 40 km have been home to first-rate campsites since 1930. Nowadays their 70 000 serviced sites welcome more than 200 000 campers every year, who enjoy going hiking or biking among the trails in a natural setting just a few miles away from their campsites. Most sites do not have electricity today, but there is a wide variety of cabins to choose from.

The Gaspe Peninsula , a 3 hours drive from Québec City (Québec), has been dubbed one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world. Step out onto its expansive beaches and you will quickly see why: The vast sea horizon stretching before your eyes, immaculate white sand and blue-green waters make for an unforgettable sight! Yet it would be wrong to think that there isn't anything else here besides beaches; this region has much more to offer: cultural attractions such as the Grosse Île and the Fortress of Louisbourg, whale watching cruises , sea kayaking among other activities.

The Gaspe Peninsula is an enticing destination for all sorts of travelers; whether you are interested in outdoor activities (hiking, biking, kite surfing), discovering local culture (fishing villages like Percé) or simply relaxing on its beautiful beaches...



For information on how to register a campground’s participation in the inaugural Canadian Camping Week, please download and complete the Canadian Camping Week Campground Registration Form.